Heatroot: Origin Story

Heatroot, the beetroot hotsauce, is the product of a longstanding love affair between one man, spicy foods and a certain purple vegetable.

The story started at the beginning of the pandemic when Heatroot Founder, Alex, found himself with a seemingly unlimited amount of time to do more or less anything. He challenged himself to come up with a new recipe everyday. 

This led Alex to develop a mildly obsessive passion for beetroot, leading him to even get a tattoo in its honour. 

Eventually, Alex was endeavouring to make a beetroot gazpacho, but accidentally added too much chilli paste. Momentarily woeful as he stood over his pot of spicy gazpacho, and noted to himself that it tasted more like a beetroot hot sauce. A beetroot hotsauce!

From this point on Alex obsessively went about creating the ultimate beetroot hot sauce making over 50 test batches in the process. 

He is now thrilled to be able to share his passion with the world.